Round Eye Supply, LLC
Restaurant Supplies, Foodservice Equipment, and Bulk Food Wholesaler

Round Eye Supply is a leading national Restaurant Supply Distributor & Bulk Food Wholesaler to the foodservice industry and retail consumers within the United States. We supply over 30,000 foodservice and nationally recognized food brand items to restaurants, bakeries, cafes, coffee shops, hotels, personal chefs, home bakers, event coordinators, and anyone in a foodservice or restaurant style setting. We sell to businesses and at home consumers. Our competitive prices, fast and reliable shipping, and knowledgeable customer service make us the first choice in the restaurant industry. Our small business and staff allow us to be nimble and create a personalized experience for those who need one-on-one help or have questions about product. Our staff has over 30 years experience in the foodservice distribution industry and actual restaurant training from serving, cooking, bar, and administration. We cannot promise to always have an immediate answer to your requests, but we will always strive to find a solution for your restaurant supply needs.

Address: 401 Industrial Park Drive NE; Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm. EST

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Our Story...

Each week here at Round Eye Supply LLC., we typically have at least one curious customer who is interested in our company story and how we became established, but actually what they really want to know is the story behind our company name. So here is the short and sweet of how Round Eye Supply came to existence.

In 2009, there were two men who both had a long time mutual friend. The first gentleman was Asian American, highly regarded in the wholesale distribution industry, and looking for a new venture of which he shared with his long time friend over casual conversation. The second gentleman was a Caucasian American, highly qualified computer programmer, and entrepreneur who was also looking for a new project of which he shared with his long time friend over lunch one day. Now we come to the long time mutual friend, who was also Caucasian American, who had a knack for connecting people, and who also happened to be a vendor that sold supplies to each of the gentlemen. Maybe it was fate or destiny, but I like to think it was God's perfect plan just playing out on his master time line.

With the wheels beginning to turn, the mutual friend had a brilliant idea to introduce these two gentlemen, knowing they might be able to benefit each other in a working relationship. Remember also that this mutual friend was a vendor who sold supplies to these two men and who might have sometimes been a little too high on his prices. During those sticky situations in friendly jest, that Asian American friend would keep his long time friend in check by telling him, "Round Eye too high!" So to begin that fateful afternoon meeting, when the long time friend and entrepreneur entered the office, and the Asian American friend started out by saying, "Round Eye too high!", they all had a good laugh and chimed in saying wouldn't that be a great name for a company.

And so it began, Round Eye (too high) Supply was born and since has become the foremost wholesale supplier for the food service industry by providing a user friendly website, outstanding customer service, and over 35,000 nationally recognized food and restaurant supply products. We are thankful to have such loyal and outstanding customers, who like us, are following their dreams to start restaurants, become caterers, cook the best meal, or just love a food so much they need to buy it in bulk. The company has actually changed ownership since it's inception and we actually no longer have any Asian American partners, but we've held fast to our roots and will continue to provide quality products with quick delivery at competitive prices, so no one can say, "Round Eye too high!"