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Wholesale Kitchen Supplies

In your restaurant, the kitchen is the busiest spot. And, when the crowds pick up, its activities become more intense. Your workers have more preparation to do and more meals to make for sit-down and takeout customers, and you have to find a way to store it all and clean everything up in compliance with safety guidelines.

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Chop Knife Chop Knife
Price $11.87 / Each
14 Inch Swing Spout (AA-510) 14 Inch Swing Spout (AA-510)
Price $52.04 / Each
Oyster Opener Oyster Opener
Price $2.54 / Each

Ordinarily, all operations surrounding your kitchen seem like an extensive web. You have staff to train, standards to uphold and food and supplies to order. Not everything runs out at the same time, and there's a chance you're using more than one distributor. It's easy for the other foot to drop. But, rather than temporarily take a dish off the menu, count on Round Eye Supply for all commercial kitchen essentials.

We're a one-stop shop for all restaurant supplies. Everything your kitchen does and need, we've anticipated - food preparation, cooking and serving to even cleaning up at the end of the day. We work with a network of vendors to not only offer over 60,000 items but to provide them to you at the best prices possible. As such, name-brand foodservice entities to local restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and catering companies routinely order from us.

At the same time, we understand how impersonal customer service becomes frustrating, and strive to avoid this. We take a nimble, adaptable approach to serve everyone, providing one-on-one assistance, ready to answer your questions and seeking to deliver a personalized experience for everyone using Round Eye Supply.

For wholesale kitchen supplies, we offer the following:

Cooking and Food Preparation Supplies

This is the heart of your operation - and why customers keep coming back. Our selection of kitchen supplies considers all stages: Find aprons for equipping your chefs, foil, can openers, colanders, cutting boards, pots and pans, knives and more essentials.

Storage Supplies

Storage in a commercial kitchen serves two purposes. You want to keep all food fresh and ready to eat. At the same time, organization makes a kitchen run smoother, especially during those hectic shifts, and storage plays a role in this. Ensure your kitchen has everything essential for holding onto and labeling food.

Cleaning Supplies

Kitchens, by default, tend to generate mess. Workers, in anticipating this, periodically clean during their shift and then do a larger, more thorough job at the end of the night. For these instances, find everything needed to clean surfaces and equipment.

Stock up on all commercial kitchen supplies through Round Eye Supply, and get fast shipping on your order. Browse and order what you need with a click of a button, and get free shipping on orders over $1,500.